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D'var Torah Class

Description: RESCHEDULED TO NOVEMBER 14- (previously October 24 at 6:30 pm - Learn to Write and Deliver a Dvar Torah – with Dale Rosenberg

Giving a Dvar Torah – sermon – at CAA is fun! It’s a chance to think deeply about a small section of Torah text, find out what others have thought, and come up with your own interpretation. Then you get to share your interpretation with a rapt Friday night congregation.

CAA is a great place for your debut Dvar Torah – your talk can be short and informal, and the people are friendly and appreciative. Dale Rosenberg has given a great many Divrei Torah (plural) in many different
synagogues, and has taught people from age 9 to 70 to write and deliver their first one. She will happily teach you, too. In two evening sessions you’ll learn:
• How to find a Torah portion (or a portion of a Torah portion)
that really motivates you to say something
• How to research what commentators old and new have said about it
• Putting your thoughts into a coherent talk
• How to inject your personal experience into the Dvar Torah
without oversharing
• How to speak so the congregation will want to listen
• Humor? Good idea or not?
• How to end with something the congregation can remember

Dale is happy to help you after the classes, if you’d like someone to review your dvar before you deliver it, or to hear you read it and give tips on delivery.

Call the CAA office at 352-6747 to register for this final class. It's fine to attend the second class only.

A light dinner will be served.
Date: Thursday, November 14, 2019
Time: 7:00pm EST
Updated: Tuesday, October 29, 2019 6:05pm GMT